7 Office Moving Plan that will Encourage your Team to Relocate without Missing any Deadline

There are two options for moving an office:

  • To move the organization’s property quickly.
  •  And the second is to gradually.

Consider the second concept of moving – gradual. With this approach, the event can last for several weeks or even for several months. During this time, various divisions of the organization gradually move to the selected room. With this option, the organization continues to work at its own pace, carrying out activities as usual. Among the disadvantages of such a move, we note the existing probability of its delay caused by the process’s poor organization. Besides, the efficiency of interaction between office divisions may decrease, which would be higher if they were in the same room. There may also be a problem with the transfer and timeliness of connecting various office communications.

The first concept is to move quickly. Such a move takes several days (usually two or three). It is possible if the number of jobs in the company does not exceed three hundred. This option also allows you not to suspend the work of the company for a long time. The idea of ​​moving an office can be an excellent solution for many small organizations. It means that you can stop at the first option when starting a global relocation of an enterprise without hesitation.

When choosing a new office space location, you should not rely solely on considerations of prestige. Suppose your target audience is construction and installation organizations. In that case, it is better to move to develop areas in which active development is underway. So, you have found a place, and it suits you. However, you should not forget that you will not be moving along, but with all your employees. To not lose them, bring up the information regarding the place of residence of each of them. Suppose the new office location will be far from the employees’ home and have a transport interchange inconvenient for the majority. In that case, it is better to think about it in advance, having carried out preparatory work with the team.

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You will have to become a psychologist, reflect on what your subordinates lack, how you can compensate for the discomfort from the move. When you announce the move, tell people about the new location’s benefits. Having resolved all the employees’ issues, you can begin to decide how to move the office, organizing the process in the best way. Most likely, you do not have enough time to resolve all organizational issues independently, so it is worth assigning these responsibilities to one of your subordinates. Most importantly, do not forget to remove several other duties from him. Otherwise, he will not have enough time to coordinate the move.

So, you have resolved the issue of moving, warned and prepared employees, appointed a coordinator. But until the moment you go headlong into solving organizational problems, do not forget to compose and send letters to all clients and partners, in which your information about the change in the location of the office indicate the new address, the date from which the company will start working in the new place. You can also attach a map and directions to the letter. When thinking about office moving in new jersey keep in mind that you cannot do without a clear moving plan that considers all the necessary work that needs to be done, not only in the new but also in the old premises.

7 Advice to Assist you in Moving your Office as Immediately as Possible:

The stage of organizational work involves taking into account all the little things that facilitate the move because, in this case, you will be able to move the office in a short time and at the lowest cost.

Advice 1. Make a plan of the existing office premises, mark the current workplaces and the furniture related to them. Now you need to prepare a plan for new premises and determine the location of tables, cabinets and other furnishings. The premises’ area, door and window openings, and the furniture dimensions are of great importance. You should take care of electrical outlets for office equipment in advance. They should be in sufficient quantity and located in places convenient for connection.

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Advice 2. When deciding how to move the office, determine the volume of traffic and choose the appropriate transport. If the offices are not too far from each other, and all things do not fit into a tiny car, then you can make two flights. If you need to make four or more flights, it is better to use a couple of vehicles.

Suppose it is planned to transport an office over a considerable distance or there is a chance of getting held in a traffic jam. In that case, it is better to order one high-capacity car since the cost of transporting cargo by a vehicle with a body volume of thirty cubic meters will be lower compared to using four GAZelle cars.

Advice 3. Thinking about how to move the office quickly, use the services of a team of office movers. Their number should correspond to the amount of work. If there is a safe or other oversized or heavy objects in the office for transportation, you will have to resort to the help of riggers. Movers in new jersey can take out and load office property into transport and disassemble furniture in the old room and assemble it in a new place.

Advice 4.

What should take care of to pack correctly:

  • prepare boxes for employees to wrap personal items;
  • after filling folders with documents, stationery, etc. in containers, do not forget to mark them, indicate the number of the workplace or cabinet by a pre-drawn up plan;
  • office equipment must be disconnected from the power supply and packed in boxes of suitable size. Monitors should be wrapped in bubble wrap. Who should neatly fold the cords together with the equipment itself, and what should mark the parcels;
  • for the transportation of live plants (if you have any in your office), open containers are used (if it is cold outside, it is better to use a car separately).
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Advice 5. Having folded and packed all things and office equipment, you will need to disassemble office furniture. Since there is a chance of injury to cabinets and tables during transportation over long distances, they should be scattered and packaged efficiently. As for the standard furniture of the same type, its elements (which include countertops, shelves, side parts of cabinets and tables, etc.) can be folded in vertical stacks. In this form, they take up a minimum amount of space.

If you intend to transport furniture unassembled, do not forget to free it from shelves and drawers, remove glass doors. It is necessary to remove the fittings from ordinary doors. Who must securely fix the doors themselves with adhesive tape?

Advice 6. Carefully consider the quality of furniture packaging. The packaging material’s task will be to protect it from moisture, dust, and accidental mechanical damage. Smooth polished surfaces can be covered with corrugated cardboard sheets and stretch film. Do not forget to wrap unwrapped furniture (both cabinet and upholstered) and furniture items stacked in piles with stretch film.

Fold the office chairs in stacks or in pairs (that is, put one chair on the other with the legs up), and then wrap them with stretch wrap. Do the same with computer chairs. Pay attention to the labeling of the packages: if you put a specific designation on them following the plan of the new office, then in the process of unloading the furniture, the movers will be able to move the boxes to the place of direct assembly, which will save time in the future and also avoid confusion.

Advice 7. An excellent solution would be to organize unloading following a pre-drawn plan. After the furniture and other things have been distributed among the premises intended for them, it will be possible to begin workplaces’ arrangement.

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