8 Kitchen Trends That Won’t Be Worth It in 2023

A gorgeously designed kitchen is essential for several reasons. It is primarily where we spend the most time with family, preparing meals, dining, or working. Remembering that a well-designed kitchen can raise a home’s market value is also crucial.

In the past few years, kitchen trends have grown and innovated tremendously. Keeping up with the most recent trends is vital to establishing the ideal ambiance in the kitchen. And with so many choices, deciding can take a lot of work.

Planning your kitchen makeover is a big undertaking. That’s why you should know what kitchen trends to avoid and adopt before you get started. So read along as this post discusses kitchen trends that won’t be worth it in 2023.

8 Kitchen Trends That Won’t Be Worth It in 2023

1.   All-White Kitchens

Everything being white is no longer trendy. We’ve seen white walls, tile, and Carrera marble for the previous decade. Consumers are sick of these muted color palettes, so developers are introducing color, which we adore.

Modern, white-acrylic kitchens are out of style because of the shift in kitchen design trends away from chilly and slick. Instead, stainless steel counters and backsplashes made of standard subway tiles will see alternatives replaced with materials that enhance the kitchen’s overall warmth. First, however, landlords should discuss their plans with a knowledgeable property manager to see which upgrades add value.

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2.   Granite and Marble Countertops

It might surprise you that granite and marble surfaces are becoming less popular. These luxurious stone materials continue to connote a high-end way of living. However, the difficulty of maintaining granite and marble has become a significant complaint among homeowners.

Since they are naturally porous materials, they must be frequently resealed to guard against long-term damage from spills and stains. Quartz has rapidly increased in popularity as a replacement for granite and marble. Another excellent option for a family kitchen that sees frequent use is solid-surface countertops.

3.   Busy Backsplashes

Kitchen backsplash tiles with patterns are a trend to stay away from. A backsplash with a distinctive appearance can quickly become outdated since colors, patterns, and designs are subject to rapid change. Also, backsplashes are only one of the simplest components to replace.

Instead, choose a backsplash design that’s a little more straightforward, neutral, and adaptable so it can last even if the neighborhood’s aesthetics change in the future. That does not imply that you cannot use some creativity. After all, basic subway tiles are beginning to feel old and overexposed. You can use several tile shapes and stack them in different ways. Keep things straightforward and uncomplicated to give them versatility.

4.   Kitchens with a Farmhouse Style

As much as we hate to say it, farmhouse-style kitchens will likely be a thing of the past. We’ve all seen them frequently, so it’s time for a brief update on this style, which started to catch on. Experts predict that future kitchens will have more personality and flair, reflecting the true nature of their owners.

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5.   Colorful Cabinets

The kitchen was traditionally a space for neutrals. Although ultimately uninteresting, it was a way to keep the design classic. This cleared the way for the rise of the trend for colorful kitchens with dynamic, vibrant cabinetry, which felt like a breath of fresh air in this historically monochromatic space.

Its novelty, though, is less appealing. Neutral hues like white, grey, and natural tones are returning as the rage in color. The trend of colorful cabinets is waning, and accent hardware will be more popular against natural or black cabinet fronts.

6.   Dark Kitchen Appliances

Dark kitchen appliances have undoubtedly become popular in recent years. They add a minimalism that streamlines things into straightforward dark blocks. They also hide screens and controls until you need to use them, which helps to lessen visual clutter in a minimalist kitchen.

But despite all of their benefits, people who choose black appliances frequently discover that they also have disadvantages. This kitchen trend may not be worth it in 2023. Homeowners mostly care about making their environments more usable and practical, and darker appliances require much more daily maintenance.

7.   Industrial Lighting

There was a time when ample, heavy lighting was fashionable. This reality no longer holds. Design preferences have recently undergone a significant transformation. Unfortunately, the current preferences have also added industrial lighting to the list of out-of-date kitchen trends.

Smoother alternatives, such as delicate pendants, are preferred for producing the ideal level of ambiance as the design industry shifts toward clean lines and minimalism.

8.   Glass mosaic backsplashes

Glass mosaic tile was the most popular variety in the 2010s. You probably already have an image of those irregularly shaped and colored narrow, horizontal brick tiles. Silver, transparent gray, and slate were the standard colors. Choose a single-colored glass subway tile if you prefer a more traditional look. It is less congested and won’t bore you as quickly as you might imagine.

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What Kitchen Upgrades Are Worth Splurging On?

1.   Appliances

If you decide to replace your appliances, pick energy-efficient models with warranties. Because appliances get the most use in a kitchen, it’s worth spending more on models that save you money on your monthly energy costs.

You will, however, need to weigh the expense of your appliances against the cost of your cabinetry, hardware, and other features. You don’t want to overspend on equipment and be short on funds for different aspects of your kitchen.

2.   An Improved Kitchen Countertop

Aside from kitchen equipment, it’s worthwhile to spend money upgrading kitchen countertops and other fixtures, mainly if your work surface has seen better days.

Working on worn-out concrete countertops can be uncomfortable, and using deteriorated wood countertops could leave you with splinters. Make your countertop one of your top priorities when you can afford to splurge on kitchen remodeling. When working hard in the kitchen, a clean, durable countertop will make a noticeable difference.

3.   An Upgraded Lighting System

Consider spending extra money on a brighter lighting setup for your kitchen. This will improve your ability to see your instruments and materials while cooking food. It will also help you avoid accidents caused by poor lighting and potentially dangerous situations like light bulbs exploding from overheating.

Invest in a lighting system that includes high-quality, bright, and energy-efficient kitchen lights to feel comfortable and at ease in your kitchen environment.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, despite aiming for beauty and style, it is straightforward to end up with outdated kitchen trends. Adhering to the trend can get you into trouble. Alternatively, you can choose to ignore the trend entirely or closely follow it. You should consider two crucial factors: how frequently to update a kitchen and how often you can do it.

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