How to tell that your yard needs a new fence?

semi privacy fence ideas

Warping, decaying, cracking, and breaking are warning signs of an aging fence. It’s time to install new fencing if your current one is exhibiting indications of damage or general wear and tear. But have you decided on the type of fence you want? For instance, a picket fence would look fine on a traditional-styled home. However, the semi privacy fencing is perfect for a modern home. While a densely populated area can necessitate the purchase of semi-private fencing, it will allow you to keep good friendly ties with your neighbors while ensuring a safe distance for maintaining your private space. Due to its outstanding strength, resilience, and longevity, Duramax vinyl fences are among the best on the market.

Here are a few things to remember when buying fences that last long and cater to your needs.

Invest in a more durable, thicker vinyl fencing

If you intend to get a new fence, spend your money on sturdy fencing built solely by Duramax. Thicker vinyl sheets are used to make the fences. The fences are tougher and more lasting than common ones, thanks to the thick-grade vinyl. Issues with the fence warping, sagging, and breaking are eliminated by using thicker vinyl. Duramax Fences also lack extraneous hardware that could detract from their appearance and weaken the fence line over time. Buy semi privacy fencing that contains a sturdy routing system that combines the fence panels, providing exceptional strength and resilience. Impact-resistant Duramax Fences can withstand powerful strikes and severe impacts.

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Mark your territory from the trespassers 

The heat-resistant semi-privacy fences made from 100% virgin vinyl are excellent for keeping the trespassers away. The impact-resistant fences are five times stronger than wood and don’t rot, rust, stain, or attract termites. The fade-resistant fences do not need any whitewashing and can stay looking fresh for the longest time. Duramax Fences exceed ASTM standards and are considered one of the strongest and most durable. Made from thicker vinyl sheets, the fences don’t warp, sag, break or crack easily. The durable Duramax Fences are exceptionally strong as they do not have unsightly screws or external brackets. The fences get built with a good routing system, and the fence panels are interlocked.

This time get a fence with a new style – DuraGrain 

Customize and buy semi-privacy fencing for your property. A fantastic alternative to timber fencing is the DuraGrain fence. The Duramax Fence is resistant to termites, rot, stains, and fading. The lovely DuraGrain fence may be personalized with many styles, patterns, and colors. In addition, the fences are simple to maintain and watertight. Hose down the fence line with a garden hose or clean it with a sponge. Homes that want seclusion but need some open area to see the outside world are perfect candidates for the semi-private fence.

Visual Delight – Semi privacy fence with the DuraGrain appeal 

Some homeowners prefer wooden fences but have apprehensions as wood is not as durable as vinyl. That’s why Duramax has come up with their unique DuraGrain fence. It is a wood-grained fence style that looks like wood and feels the same, but with a difference. The DuraGrain fence has a vinyl cell structure, making them durable, waterproof, strong, and easy to maintain. In addition, these fences don’t rot, stain or attract termites. Duramax’s DuraGrain Fences easily get customized in different colors, styles, and designs to look visually appealing and provide security and privacy.

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DuraResin fencing – Invest in a weather-resistant fence line

If you decide to install a new fence in your yard, go for fences made of DuraResin vinyl. The lovely fences ought to be heat-, weather-, and fire-resistant. More than 12 parts of titanium dioxide and UV inhibitors are included in the DuraResin formulation to ensure the product’s best performance against heat and the sun’s harsh rays. The wind resistance of the waterproof fences is 105mph, and they can withstand storms, torrential rain, and other severe weather. Vinyl fences don’t flex or crack in the heat. The best UV stability and exceptional weather resistance are features of Duramax Fences.

Final words 

Buy semi-privacy fencing from the leading vinyl fence manufacturers in the US. Duramax Fences come with a limited lifetime warranty. They are recyclable and don’t turn yellow over time. The vinyl fences offer a lifetime of hassle-free performance. Then, request the experts at Duramax for a no-obligation quote.

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