Keeping your windows in great shape for many years

Perhaps more than any other individual aspect of your home, your windows are what make your home truly beautiful. They allow natural light to come in and you to see the world outside your home. Windows can also be potentially expensive and time-consuming to replace, which is why you should take proactive steps to both protect your windows and keep them in great shape. In this article, we’ll review some basic window maintenance and upkeep tips.

Call in a professional for serious issues

A window repair and installation professional can also help you address more serious window issues, including cracked glass, a bent frame, or rotting wood around the window. Window issues are impacted by factors such as humidity and climate. The installation of efficient windows in the desert heat of Las Vegas is much different than ordering commercial replacement windows in Pittsburgh, so be sure to speak with a local window specialist in your area for recommendations and next steps specifically tailored to your home.

Recaulk your windows for maximum energy efficiency

As time passes, the caulking around your home’s windows can start to deteriorate and break down. This eventually creates drafts in your home, where outdoor air seeps in through the gaps and indoor air escapes. This air exchange can make rooms with exterior windows feel a lot colder, while your air conditioner or furnace have to work that much harder to keep your home at the desired temperature. All of this amounts to lower efficiency and higher utility bills.

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The good news is that caulking your home’s windows is both incredibly easy and remarkably inexpensive. Once the gaps around your windows are sealed, it’ll prevent air and moisture from getting into your home.

Clean your windows the right way

To clean their windows, too many homeowners just turn on the hose and start spraying them down. While this will help clear off dirt and dust, this method could actually lead to many other problems. In many communities across the country, the water from the tap is hard, which means it has a high mineral content. The calcium and other minerals found in hard water can adhere to the window’s glass and create unattractive hard water spots. Instead of using the hose, use filtered water and a rag or squeegee to gently clean the window glass. 

No matter what type of water you use, never use a pressure washer to clean windows. The water pressure is just too high and can cause damage to the glass, the frame, and the caulking.

Deal with foggy windows

Dual-pane windows are incredibly energy efficient, as they prevent the transfer of heat from one side to the other. Between the two panes there is a sealed air pocket gap, typically filled with either air or a gas like argon to slow down heat transfer even more. However, when the seal on this air gap breaks or deteriorates, it not only can negatively impact the window’s efficiency, but it can also allow moisture to get between the panes. In most cases, this manifests as window fogging on days where there is humidity and the outside air temperature is much different from the inside air temperature.

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If the seal on your dual-pane window has broken, you should call in a window repair specialist. In most cases, this seal can be replaced and the dual-pane windows can be restored to their original condition. However, depending on the degree of degradation and the age of the window, you may need to replace it. Only a window professional will be able to provide you with the right information for your home.

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