Making Your Small Place Feel Like A Big Space

No matter what type of small space you may have, there are a lot of simple yet effective techniques you can use to make that space feel much bigger. You won’t gain any square footage, but you’ll be able to spend time there without feeling cramped and claustrophobic. By taking control of your small space’s color, texture and patterns, A+ Construction & Remodeling can help you to change the design of that space in a fundamental way that will affect how you and others feel in it. 

Accepting your small space doesn’t have to mean feeling like you’re always trapped in a phone booth. Mastering some simple elements of design and using psychology to your advantage can help small spaces feel much larger — ultimately making you more comfortable in them. The accompanying guide contains many ideas for making a small space feel bigger. Apply them to your home and it will feel much closer to the dream space you’ve always wanted.

Courtesy of Downtown Apartment Company

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