Tips For Carpet And Floor Cleaning

If you wish to live in a neat and hygienic home, offices and environment, carpet and floor cleaning are vital to human existence. Apart from the health benefits, carpet and floor cleaning will make your friends, neighbors and staff sees you as a different personality because of your neatness always.

Carpets and floor in your office/home are prone to dirtiness because of daily usage. But still, it is your responsibility to ensure that the carpets in your office or home are properly kept by removing dirt, sweeping and mopping. The floor is not left behind as it can be stained with gums, paint or polish. All these stains must be removed.

In this article, we will discuss the benefits and tips for carpet and floor cleaning.


Benefits of floor and carpet cleaning

  • Carpet and floor cleaning will remove all dirt, waste in your home or office.
  • Make your office look attractive to others.
  • It helps to prevent the spread of diseases.
  • Makes your office looks professional.
  • Makes the work environment look healthy and safe for the users.
  • Prevent domestic injuries
  • Reduces work hazard in the office
  • Reduces the risk of sickness.
  • Boost your company reputation.


Tips for carpet cleaning and floor cleaning

Removal of stains: hydrogen peroxide has shown to be effective for stain removal on the ceramic floor. The mixture of hydrogen peroxide combined with baking soda effectively eliminates the stain on your floor. Solution of water and vinegar is effective for stubborn marks such as shoe polish, paint etc.

Proper mopping and sweeping:  There are need to mop and sweep your carpet and floor regularly to get rid of water spills and dirt on the floor. Avoid excess water on the floor.

Carpet vacuuming: thinking about a deep cleaning of your carpet? Vacuum cleaning one of the best methods to use. Regular usage of your office will attract dirt and dust daily, and there is a need for thorough office and home cleaning. It will ensure that your room is thoroughly free from dirt and other particles embedded on your carpet surface.

Application of ice: some stains like dried gum may be difficult to remove; you need to freeze it out.

Usage of doormat: some dirt attaches to your shoe from outside, and if care is not taken, you will bring dirt onto your carpet and stain it. It would be best if you had a doormat and room slippers. You will of your shoe at the doorstep and use the room slippers.

Proper storage of shoes: store your shoes in a well-organized way. Shoes that are not in use should be kept properly. Provide some footwear that is comfortable for use, your shoe at the door, and household footwears when you return from work, occasion, and other important functions.


Capet and floor can attract dirt from different sources; regular cleaning and mopping have shown to be beneficial to mankind. There is saying, Health is Wealth. Your physical wellbeing is a result of personal hygiene. The dirt and spread of diseases must be control through general cleaning of your Capet and floor.

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