Turn Your Shed Into An Office

Turn Your Shed Into An Office

We’re in an era where working from home is the norm for a lot of offices, but what if you don’t have a dedicated space to do so? For those who don’t want to cramp their existing living space, consider turning your current shed into an office. Not only will it isolate you from homely distractions but a garden office ensures you don’t bring your work home with you, both literally and figuratively speaking.

We’ve thrown together a list of essentials to help you on your way to creating the perfect garden shed office in which your productivity can skyrocket and your mind can rest outside of working hours.


Although WFH is touted as a flexible and efficient alternative to traditional office work, studies have shown that it can have a detrimental effect on your well-being.

Garden offices offer a bespoke outdoor workspace full of natural light, perfect for those who are starting up their own business, want an art studio or simply need to separate the ‘working’ from ‘home’.

Adequate insulation is a must if you want your new shed to be comfortable and habitable. Not only will it make your shed warmer but adding insulation to an existing shed is a simple way to add another layer of damp-proofing and make your project more energy efficient.

When working on wooden sheds, insulating the ceiling, floor and walls will often give the best coverage. Once applied, this can then be layered over with plywood or tongue and groove. Alternatively, insulated plasterboard can be used instead of separate insulation and plasterboard.

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If your work requires the use of electricity, you’ll need a suitable trench running from your home to the home office shed to run the wiring for mains electricity.

We recommend liaising with an electrician from the get-go to avoid future issues cropping up. Prior to their arrival, you can move things along by noting the following:

  • The number and location of any light switches and power sockets
  • A specific outline of the office equipment you’ll be powering
  • Where your fuse box is located

To ensure your project conforms to building regulations, always consult a professional for electrical work and plumbing.

Storage Space

If you have a wide range of office supplies, the methods of storage you utilise in your new office space will ultimately determine how much space you have to play with overall.

Consider using the following in your garden office to save space:

  • Shelves – for books and box files
  • Magnetic strips to hold metal objects such as scissors, keys or odd paperclips
  • Wall-mounted storage racks – great for stacking old paperwork, small stationery, etc


When converting an existing wooden shed into a garden office, consider the following:

  • Prior to any work, strip the shed clean to inspect for signs of wood rot/mould
  • Check the roof for leaks and attend to any issues such as damaged felt. Replacing the felt is inexpensive and relatively easy to do yourself.
  • Clean down and spruce up the exterior of the shed to provide the right look inside and out – simply add some contemporary timber stain or paint finish.
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