Water Features to Add to Your Fibreglass Pool

Fibreglass Pool

Water features can make excellent additions to your backyard. Not only will you be able to improve the aesthetics of your backyard, but you’ll also be able to increase your property value as well. A water feature can be an excellent addition to your backyard.

The sound of flowing water can create an atmosphere that is tranquil. Water features also add elegance as well as an element of fun, to pools. When you have a fibreglass pool at home, you can enjoy hours of both fun as well as relaxation. Water features can add a new dimension to how you use your pool.

Ideally, you should add water features to the pool while the pool is still in construction. You can also add water features to a pool that’s already been installed. So whether you’re about to get a fibreglass pool installed, or if you own a pool already, consider getting a water feature installed.

But what are the water features that you can add to your pool?


Laminars are increasingly becoming more popular. A laminar is a strong and sleek stream of water that comes out from the decking that surrounds a pool. These jets have a look that is both smooth as well as uniform. No matter what kind of fibreglass pool you have, you can add a laminar to it.

At night, you can also add an LED colour display to the laminar.


A cascade is similar to a waterfall, but the effect is slightly different. With cascades, the water will roll over various rocks or even rock slabs. After this, it will tumble into your pool. A cascade can fit the theme of any pool and also offers the relaxing sound of a waterfall, which is loved by everyone. If the vibe you’re going for with your fibreglass pool is an oasis in the desert, then a cascade can be perfect for your pool.

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A bubbler is somewhat smart to a deck jet. These are essentially small fountains that usually sit on the edge of a pool. These are meant to create streams of water that bubble. The height of the water stream, however, can vary.

Bubblers can be found in bowl shapes as well as in the form of planters that spill into the pool. You can also add LED lights to your bubblers.

Spa Jets

Another great water feature you can add to your fibreglass pool is water jets. You can opt for a whole spa area, or even a swim jet system that allows you to exercise in pools that are smaller. Spa jets can be a lot of fun and are usually great hits at pool parties.


Waterfalls are one of the most popular kinds of water features that you can find. Installing a waterfall can be expensive, and the process can also be time-consuming. But with the right pool installer, you’ll be able to get a waterfall installed in a way where you don’t go over your budget.

You could have a large waterfall coming down into your pool. Or you could choose to get smaller water jets as well. Irrespective of the size of the pool you get, a waterfall can elevate how your fibreglass pool appears.

Water Walls

If you want something similar to a waterfall, but not as dramatic, then a water wall could be perfect for you. To have a water wall is hard; you’ll also need a raised wall next to your pool. You won’t have sheets of water pouring down, but rather just a trickle. A water wall can be a great alternative to jets that are built in.

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Deck Jets

By adding a few deck jets to your pool, you can increase how much fun you have there. You’ll be able to choose from what height the jets will come in. Do you want to allow the streams to overlap? Or do you want to create archways that are multi-stream?

Jets can also be installed on decks or inside retaining walls. You can even add LED or fibre optic lights to create a spectacle at night.


Yes, you can add a fountain to your Melbourne fibreglass pool as well. You can add a fountain to any part of your pool that you like. And the options available to you are varied. You can get a fountain that’s attached to the middle of your pool.

You could also get a design that is floating, that sends out jets of water into the pool. If you want to create different kinds of visual effects, then you can use spouts, spillways as well as bubblers. Fountains are good both for inground as well as above ground pools.

They work in the same way as sprinklers do and add a splash to the pool. You can even add LED lights to your fountain to make it look even fancier.

Mist Coolers

Do you want to create an environment that’s pleasant for swimming in during the summer? Then consider getting a fog and mist system installed. This helps in creating an environment that is dreamy, and also helps 5o reduce the temperature by the poolside.

Scuppers And Spouts

Essentially, a scupper on a boat is an opening that allows water to be released from the area of the deck. You can create a similar effect in your pool as well. Install scuppers and they will allow water to fall into the pool, creating a beautiful effect. A spout also does the same job.

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There are many advantages of getting scuppers and spouts installed as water features. There will be a constant flow of water and this can create a sound that is both healing as well as pleasing.


Water features make great additions to fibreglass pools. From waterfalls to water walls, there are several kinds of water features that you can choose to get. Get one or more kinds of water features and make your pool area look even more spectacular.

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