How to Keep Your Home in Houston, TX Cool This Summer

Home in Houston, TX Cool This Summer

Summertime in Texas might make you feel like you’re living on the surface of the sun and want to crank up the air conditioner. The problem with blasting the air is that your electric bill is going to skyrocket, and during these economic uncertainties, folks feel like they need to save however they can.

We asked real estate agents in Houston, TX how they keep their homes in the city cool this summer, and here are their top answers. 

1. Paint sunny rooms in light colors

Rooms that get a lot of direct sunlight are going to be warmer in the summer if they’re a dark color because the dark color will retain the heat. Now, if you repaint your walls a light color, the sunlight is going to be reflected and stop the room from getting hot. 

2. Opt for drapes instead of gauzy curtains

Drapes are usually used during the colder months to keep as much heat in the room as possible. However, instead of switching to gauzy curtains during the hotter months, keep those drapes up. The thick material will help block the sun from making your room feel like a sauna. 

Note: If you don’t have drapes, realtors suggest shopping for them now. It’s the off-season, and you’re likely to find a good deal. 

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3. Circulate the air by using fans

The fan is going to be your new best friend during the summer – especially when it catches a cool breeze! Whenever you’re able to, you’ll want to keep your windows open so you can either blow the hot air out of the home or pull the cool air inside. 

Since basements are the cooler area of the home, you might want to have a fan near the door to the basement to pull the cool air up into the home. 

4. Minimize appliance usage when possible

Appliance usage is unavoidable, but there are ways you can reduce how frequently you use them. For example, instead of cooking inside, use the grill. Instead of using the dryer when doing laundry, hang the clothes up outside. Instead of baking desserts in the oven, opt for no-bake treats. 

5. Switch your lightbulbs to energy-efficient options

Have you ever noticed that the air around traditional light bulbs gets hotter the longer the lights have been on? It may not feel like a big deal because you’re only using one or two lights in the room, but it can really heat things up. 

When you replace those traditional bulbs with energy-efficient ones, not only will your energy bill be appreciative, but your home will feel cooler. Even if you can’t replace all of your bulbs with LED ones right now, you can opt for low-wattage bulbs and slowly make the switch when you’re able to. 

Keeping your home cool in Houston, TX, this summer may be tricky, and these tips won’t be a cure-all. If you’re worried about keeping the home cool, be mindful of the weather and try to run your errands or do those strenuous household tasks on a cooler day.

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