Should You Invest in Glass Framed Wall Art?

Glass Framed Wall Art

When moving into a new apartment or home, there is a certain rush of excitement, especially when you consider how you will decorate your new dwelling.  You want to go with some kind of wall art. But should you go with a glass frame or something else?

Pros of Glass Framed Wall Art

Glass framed wall art may be viewed as fragile, since glass can be shattered easily.  However, there are a few pros when going with glass framed wall art.  Some of the positive features from glass framed wall art include:

  • Glass framed wall art has provided the most clear, uninhibited viewing of the artwork.
  • UV-filtering options are easily attainable.
  • Not as easy to scratch as plexiglass
  • Doesn’t wear down over time and damage the art
  • Gives a sophisticated, luxury look

Cons of Glass Framed Wall Art

Just like with everything else, there are cons to using a glass frame for your wall art.  It is important to weigh out the pros and cons when deciding on what to do for your wall art.  Some drawbacks for glass framed wall art are:

  • Glass is very heavy and could be hard to move.
  • Glass is easily shattered if you are not careful.
  • May be more pricey due to the material

Making a Case for Glass Framed Wall Art

Museums are really the number one place you think of when pondering over places that use glass to case expensive works of art.  Your house doesn’t have to be a museum (not sure if you would really want it to be), but you take pride, time, and spend money on your wall art.  You want it to be protected.

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Though glass is fragile and heavy, it does provide the best viewing experience and does add a certain air of sophistication to a home.  Not to mention, that if you can save it from shattering, it’s very unlikely that it would scratch.  Your beautiful wall art will stay intact over time

The biggest appeal of glass framed wall art is probably its immunity to scratches and its luxury look.   Keep in mind that it also depends on the medium used for the artwork and your own personal preferences.  If you’re still unsure about whether to go will glass framed wall art based on durability features, it may be down to what looks better to you.

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