Things to Consider Before Hanging Art on the Wall

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Hanging pieces on the wall is an art project on its own. Think about the reason why you want to put up some wall art. Consider how much space you have and how it’ll impact your lifestyle. Here are some things to note before you hang pieces on the wall.

Pick Art That You Enjoy

While you might want to use the best picture hanging systems for that expensive Warhol piece you just bought, you might want to leave some for things close to your heart. Is there a family photo that helps you remember a special day? Maybe you have a limited edition piece of art that you always had your eyes set on and finally had the money to buy it.

Before you start buying pricey artwork, find some things that move you. It may inspire you or give you positive energy as soon as you walk through the door. When you choose colors and textures that fit your tastes, they can bring out a unique quality in your home.

What Room Do You Want Your Art?

You might have subtle pieces for your bathroom and kitchen. Maybe you’ll go a bit more exciting for a living room atmosphere. You want to have a purpose for each piece of art you buy and decide to hang it on the wall.

Look at the pattern and colorway of the piece and see if it fits the general theme of the room. Also, think about the mood you’re creating. Maybe the living room is where you want a more relaxing and inviting environment.

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However, your basement area is where the movie and game nights happen. You’ll want wall art to fit the energy of that vibrant place in your house.

Think About the Perspective

Maybe you have some negative space on the wall to use a few pieces to fill things up. It may have the best lighting to help make the art the focal point of the wall. It gives some places a chance to breathe more.

Also, you want to think about the position on the wall. Smaller pieces work best at eye level. This way, you don’t strain your eyes while looking at it.

Additionally, take a look at your furniture. Consider placing hanging art pieces up that provide some good contrast between your couches and shelves.

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